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Resource Consent Conditions & Compliance Issues

Getting It Right - Simplifying The Consent Process


Building projects are often stressful for the participants therefore anything which reduces stress is a plus.

Living in the Queenstown Lakes District we are reminded every day of the outstanding beauty of its natural landscapes and in order to protect them we have reasonably restrictive planning requirements. It is quite likely that even minor building projects, whether they be new builds or renovations will require a resource consent under the District Plan. Therefore it is always best to consult an RMA specialist and/or check with the planning staff and Queenstown-Lakes District Council before your commence.

Similarly if you find you need to obtain a resource consent it is advisable to consult an expert first so as to ensure that a suitably comprehensive and accurate application is lodged with the Council. The application is the foundation for the project and it must be sound. Mistakes at an early stage usually compound and can lead to big and expensive problems later on. It also helps to avoid the all too common rejection of an application or request for further information which inevitably delays the whole process.

At Mactodd, we are fortunate to have a highly experienced and skilled RM team able to assist at all levels and stages of the consent process.

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