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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil litigation and dispute resolution can be stressful at times and we endeavour to reduce the stress by ensuring our clients have a clear view from the beginning of what to expect. Our aim is to give clients a thorough and clear assessment of their position, options available and offer strategic advice on achieving a solution. We build strong relationships with clients guaranteeing that you are informed at all times on any new matters arising and that we both know what is expected from each other in terms of time frame and costs.

We appreciate that our client's first priority is to manage and minimise risk, therefore we try to resolve issues through other means. If disputes do develop into Court proceedings our team is experienced to represent our clients in whichever the Court or jurisdiction the case is held.

Our Civil Litigation team

Richard Cunliffe, Partner Mactodd.

Richard Cunliffe



Tanya Surrey, Solicitor Mactodd.

Tanya Surrey